End of residency

This time, we must resolve: the residence ends. This morning, I take the road back to Nantes. However, I will do step 1- at a wine shop recommended by my hosts (not bringing back memories would be sacrilege! ) 2- in the Loiret to visit my family. I will also ask my aunt to take me to see her very beautiful place, which she did:)
It has to be said: the objective of the start and the musical productivity, I am very far from the account. So I could bang my head on the wheel and repeat myself: all this for that! But no, I can’t. For this stay was so rich and vibrant that nothing can tarnish it.

Martin and Sophie have already gone to work and tell me where to hide the keys. I find these people very confident. It’s not in the city that one would dare this kind of thing! I can hardly leave, I feel it well. Once the stuff is loaded in the car, I take a tour of the garden to breathe one last time this very beautiful place, take some memories photos and videos.

Then I was called by the doorstep of the living room. I had placed an insect there the day before, which had been snoring in the living room ever since I arrived. After a few days, I had taken on a mission: to put him out. But he seemed to be in bad shape. So, energetically inflated, I improvise a magnetizer to give it a little boost. It didn’t eat bread. As I leave, I think back to this insect and head to where I left it. I find it motionless. Shit, my chatkatou (my father’s grigrigri expression) did not work. I gently touch his wing and… oh miracle, he’s moving!!!
So I left in a levitating casi, firmly believing that I had saved an insect for the first time in my life... I greet him, wish him a long life (or something like that) and join my car. This time I’m gone.


This is the 13th and final episode of this spring saga.
A residence that has taken unexpected side roads…
Sometimes we move away from the original goal so that something else can be born.
And yet the thread remains, even tenuous. Keep the course while letting life take you elsewhere.
On my way back to Nantes, I quickly had the desire to transform the Johnny test. Six months later, it’s done! Thanks to Anaé and Youenn for their valuable and dazzling contribution to this clip. Special dedication obviously to Sophie and Martin for the divine inspiration and everything else.
Thank you for following me to the end or in bits and pieces.
And if you feel like it, leave a little comment under the video...
See you soon, friends,