Part II - Préamble recording

In May, we stayed with “I promise you”. Promising is not nothing. Wooden cross, iron cross…

So, I began by promising myself to go to the end of this project of heart. To finally dedicate myself body and soul to its realization. Without forcing but with conviction. Because it takes a little courage to go towards your dreams. You don’t just snap your fingers, the daisy between your teeth. For if it invites joy, excitement, fluidity, it summons as much doubts, fears, the «not possible», the «I dare not». Whoever tells you otherwise never really goes.

In this month of September, after three writing residencies across France, as many lockdowns and four days of solo walking as to close the loop and release the last resistance, I can say that my very beautiful place is on the way. And it’s already beautiful! #albumG #recording #joy