The universe knows

D-12. the countdown is on. I am a start-up nation all by myself: emails to the music team, emails to the technical team, emails to the logistics team... I navigate between the different rooms of my apartment like a traveling secretary seeking the diversity of tasks. But an e-mail remains an e-mail. Boring. Yet the captain has to synthesize, answer, give the information, because the course is him. O captain my captain, you have chosen your team well, each in his post, each in his job and this is very reassuring! Therefore, there is no reason to put it on. The pressure. Especially since, for several months, everything has been going quite subtly.

At the end of March, I get to know my place of recording. In April, I ingest my sound. In May, I doubt (normally I take another year). In June, I remember and have the intuition to go to a music festival where I meet a first musician. In July, I go on holiday. In August, I finally contact the musician I had been thinking about for a long time (I like to scare myself). In September, I worry a bit, but the two musicians reassure me by telling me that they will do it. They are more sophisticated psychologists. I am delighted.

In September again, I find a third musician whose lighter agenda in this new school opens a boulevard for the recording of bibi. We still have two answers for everything. It’s crazy. The universe knows. I don’t, but I trust. For the first time in my life, I don’t have much control (except for the compass) but I know it will be beautiful. Hey ho, I didn’t twiddle my thumbs. I visualized hard for that and I made emails.

At D-12, I can’t say we’re ready but there’s no evidence to the contrary either!
Welcome to the backstage of a wild recording... I leave you I have ropes to change!
Wednesday I promise, I’m talking about the barn theater.
See you.