Mama cat

D-9. 00H00. Bed. Computer. Write now. Wow! What a party! I am emptied but filled. How can it be? Because that is. Five hours of a first rehearsal, almost complete. Five hours of concentration, precision, suggestions, laughter, delirium, music, rhythm… At the time of the break, I slip away in the dry toilet and in a flash, on my way back, says to me: take a picture of them, then you will forget! I walk into this beautiful rehearsal place, Ludmilla’s house, and I completely forget the picture. Gee... I would have loved to have immortalized their happy trombines, it would seem… I am. Yes: the joy of the crib tonight is me. In front of this beautiful 100% female team. And in front of my computer.

Rewind. If you followed the forward schedule for the post-2020, you may remember... On December 16, I was thanking the many musicians who had accompanied me during those “before” years. I was also surprised that it lacked femininity. The latter (I should say the latter) had not been excluded from my artistic career, I am thinking in particular of the Balladines project. But my songs remained until then exclusively arranged by men…

Although I am not a great feminist, the idea born of this observation infused at the beginning of 2021 and imposed itself. I want to make this album with women exclusively.
Ouhla, challenge. If Christo and Jeanne-Claude can pack the triumphal arch, I can gather women to be packed!

So mom cat has gathered: Salomé first, the youngest who will have the beautiful and vast task of registering us (thanks to Henri for having guided me to her). I quite like the idea of entrusting the sound of this album to a young woman barely 30 years old. Total confidence.

Then there is Ludmilla, the musician-singer-ceramist, who makes her own udu and whose mix and beautiful deep voice take us elsewhere.
Suzanne, the all-terrain musician-singer with a confident and delicate cello, with a laughing ukulele, the mischief not so far behind the discreet.
Jenny the smiling last finish whose warm trombone brings all the roundness and groove to our small company.
There are also the beating choruses: Annaïck, Marie-Laure and Catherine whose energy, joy and pleasure to participate in the project fill me.
There will also be my sweet sister Emma at the culinary creation and Mathida for the eye of the photgraphe.
And maybe others, who knows.... Women, women, women....
If I omitted the group photo, I have Ludmilla’s cats (who are looking for families elsewhere): have fun finding us in the photo;)
I promise I’ll tell you about the spirit of this recording and the songs.
See you.