Born to be a live


J-5. Gloups of joy. My energy goes on roller coasters. As if I was preparing my wedding (I guess). The caterer check. The group check. The place check. I just have to prepare physically. What I do. Today yoga. Pilates Tuesday. Biodanza Wednesday. Thursday, sophro (thank you Nath my visualization coach) and repetition. Friday start. Frankly this case is well done. I will obviously spare you all the countless administrative and logistical details to manage before Friday... When I say I’m a start-up, I’m not lying.
In short, the purpose of this post was still to talk to you about songs and spirit of the project. This session is the first in a series of two. We will be recording three songs this weekend. This may be a detail for you, but for us it’s already a lot! Because these three songs will be recorded in completely different configurations that I will not know until Friday, on the spot. If not the highlight piece of the weekend that has already been visualized for a long time by your captain. Come on, I can tell you: «Beating hearts» will be played in nature, around the fire at nightfall. It will be necessary to unroll cable for 50 meters in the middle of the meadow to avoid setting fire to the house of the owner very nicely wooded. Yes the captain has his whims and everyone must comply, I must use the privileges of this title!

You may have understood, we will record this album in live takes, that is to say all together, in repetition configuration. With obviously in addition, a plethora of microphones subtly placed and chosen for the occasion. Most recordings are made in the studio and for having experienced it, I did not wish to repeat the experience for this project so dear to my heart. I needed the collective energy of the live and the immersion in a very beautiful place to shudder in unison of nature and human.
A wild recording, which will also give way to the magic of the moment.
A wedding dress is always tailor-made, isn’t it? There you go.
Here I leave you, hoping that these little chronicles make you vibrate as much as me! I will now prepare my faithful companion for the body, who is all out of tune, new bullets force.
For the evening was magical, full of joy and love. Listening to and discovering these songs in concert mode at nightfall gave me an infinite pleasure. Prefiguration of a future release concert (it seems that we say release party now).
On Wednesday, I promise, I will announce a few short live meetings for the weekend, to make you participate!
See you
ps: not too inspired on the photo side, and as this story is going a little too far live, I opted for balance and the reminder to.