Everything is perfect

J-3. Session 2 is in range and it looks like the ball has unraveled. So much so that, at times, I find myself without having to organize anything…

I have to admit that I had a day when I was tired, forcing me to do nothing, since all this orga, these emails, this computer, this doing inspired a deep rejection. Even singing was an effort, that is to say. On this glorious day when autumn was supposed to be summer, I went to my daughter’s room due south to "grease" myself in the sun, watching the swarms of gnats flying from the open window. That’s all it is.

Since then, I have pulled the thread very gently and everything has come, quietly: the announcement of a recording in a magical place in Lizio, the presence of a friend in the kitchens, the participation of my daughter on a piece, the joy of a friend who will make me my visual, even fewer rehearsals but so vibrant with creative and talented musicians. Until the arrival at the heart of my home of Leon the kitten.
Yesterday I validated our last recording location for Friday. Then we will resume the road to the barn-theater, our headquarters.
A cold is trying to break through. I, who feared it during session 1, can say that I am not afraid. In any case, it does not weigh in.
Just look at this rainbow that tells me everything is perfect. Here we go again!
See you