The three A

And here we go again! Start-up nation G is again in action for the management of schedules (the Chinese puzzle). On Tuesday, October 12, the ball is tangled. Headache. I know it’s going to clear up eventually, but I want to be safe right now. That’s the problem. I want someone to tuck me in, give me a kiss and tell me that everything is going to be okay when it is not time to go to bed !

It’s time to get some air, do something else, or nothing. Rest. Hard when the volcano is in creative boiling since the fall. Yet it must. It is the ransom of success. As Isabelle said to me recently met on my favorite bench on the banks of Sèvre, while I confessed to her my intense fatigue: «the 3 A’s, Géraldine: Welcome, Accept, Act». Okay, so I will respect the steps and not want to go directly to the third mantra, under penalty of overheating.

Ah but it is difficult when everything is exhilarating, incredibly beautiful and joyful.
In short, while on this Wednesday I am starting to be able to pull on the thread of the ball and that it comes slowly but surely, I give myself a Thursday off and we will see Friday if I manage to answer this terribly central question: this time, but who will make us eat 5 stars?!
See you