The form part III

Now know the substance, but not yet the form. Well, not quite.
Because the album is not yet mixed or mastered. The songs will thus be in their «full power» at the dawn of spring, in this month where traditionally (or commercially) lovers are celebrated. Here, what if I made a wish that for Valentine’s Day, I would celebrate the love for these songs?!

Yeah, I’m getting corny and, frankly, it’s not going to get any better...
So the form. Because it is not an easy task to make the jewel case. How can it best reflect its content?
I’m not worried because I know (since this project started) that everything is timely. But I’m still looking forward to it…

I’ve known for a long time that the photo will be there. We talked about it several months ago with Céline, who will do the graphic design, and we agree. There will be photographs.
So it starts with this: finding the photographer. Because, I remind you, the album is created by exclusively female artists. But I meet Nathalie, via Hugues. Because, I also recall, men are very supportive in this adventure. They often put me on the track of the women of this album, consciously or not elsewhere.
Hugues, who left us some room in his residency schedule so that we could record Bateau (see chronicle the barn in Nadine), is also preparing his album and I notice pretty photos that catch my attention, signed Nathalie Champagne. So I go to his website and discover his work with attention. I also read her need for wonder, the child she was, her intimate relationship with nature. These few words are enough to tell me that I found the right person. When the intuition is there, do not turn away.
A few telephone exchanges later to refine the contours of our collaboration, here we are at the beginning of January, ready to launch. Two sessions are planned: one indoor and one outdoor.

This first Wednesday of the year, we have planned a portrait session indoors but this winter day promises to be absolutely radiant (and totally chilly). I propose another plan: "Nathalie, couldn’t we do the session outside, given the beautiful light of the day?" Nathalie, quick to the adventures, valid and we leave early morning for the destination we have chosen.
The hour is not yet blue. It is dark night. En route.
The rest very soon...